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Hi im Jason if your male between the ages 15 to 19. Family History of cancer.then take the time and do a selfexam its easy and it could save your life if you have painless lump or mass in the testicle. Patients may also notice a sensation of heaviness in the scrotum or lower abdominal aching. Scrotal enlargement or swelling is also common in patients with testicular cancer. then see your doctor dont delay and put it off..

Hi everyone!
We are getting a few guests on the site and I realized that maybe I should introduce myself. After all, not everyone knows me as a friend just yet. I am Laura and my brother died of TC. It is in his memory that this site was created. I hope everyone can have the courage to share thier story with us, and maybe the chance to convince someone who thinks they have the disease to go to the Dr and get checked out. Everyone, please enjoy the site

Dear Brother Of Mine,
Can you still see me from where you are?
I know I don't make it easy for you to watch
Yet maybe someday you'll look down and
I'll be able to see that shinning face through these clouds.
Can you tell me if Im leading the right path
Only you can see the hardships down this road
I know Im at a crossroad sign in my life
But you know any advice you have would help greatly.
Can you accept the new guy in my life?
He isnt what I usually go for, so that must give you relief,
I think you would have liked him even more than I do,
Yet the jokes I would have got from you would have been priceless.
Can you ever really surrender your life to a cause?
I know you wanted to help and I know you would have
But I don't think those here on earth are doing much good
We saved two lives, but I think we can save more.
Can you be there when it becomes my time to join you?
I know I have a lot more to live for right now
But when it's my time, I can't argue, it's my time
I just hope you're the one that walks me through those gates

copywrite Laura Satterlee